About Jim Rohn

Early life

Emanuel James “Jim” Rohn was born in Yakima, Washington to Emanuel and Clara Rohn. The Rohns owned and worked a farm in Idaho where Jim grew up, as an only child.


Jim graduated high school 3rd out of a class of 140. He went to college for a year and a half before dropping out and joining the work force. At age 25, according to his accounts, he was working as a stock clerk for Sears collecting a weekly $57 paycheck. He wasn’t broke but struggling financially, unable to see a way that would lead to his personal ambitions.[citation needed] Around this time, a friend invited him to a lecture given by John Earl Shoaff, an entrepreneur who impressed Rohn with his wealth, business accomplishments, charisma and life philosophy. In October, 1955, Rohn joined Shoaff’s direct sales organization, and began a process of personal development that culminated in his becoming a millionaire by age 31. Shoaff, who had challenged Rohn at age 25 to reach for this goal, died one year before Rohn achieved it at age 31.
Rohn was invited by a friend to come and tell his “rags-to-riches” story to his rotary club. He accepted and titled his talk “Farm Boy Makes It To Beverly Hills.” The talk went so well that soon others began asking him to speak at various luncheons and other events. In 1963, at The Beverly Hills Hotel, he gave his first public seminar. He then began presenting seminars all over the country, telling his story and teaching the personal development philosophy he felt had led to his accomplishments. He presented seminars for more than 40 years.
Tony Robbins worked for Rohn, who mentored Robbins during his early career. Others who credit Rohn for his influence on their careers include authors Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup book series), author/lecturer Brian Tracy, and author/lecturer T. Harv Eker.
He was the recipient of the 1985 National Speakers Association CPAE Award for excellence in speaking. He is also the author of 17 different books, audio and video programs.


Jim Rohn died of pulmonary fibrosis after an 18-month battle on December 5, 2009 in West Hills, California.

Five Major Pieces To the Life Puzzle

Rohn’s book Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, published in 1991,[2] was built around what he considered the five components of success:

Philosophy – how you think
Attitude – how you feel
Action – what you do
Results – measure often to see if you are making progress
Lifestyle – the kind of life you can make for yourself out of the first four pieces