Dr. Wayne Dyer joins Dr. Pat on the radio April 6th on KKNW AM 1150 and across the Internet. "Our intention creates our reality" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 6, 2004

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans, is one of the most widely known and respected people in the field of self- empowerment. He became a well-known author with his bestselling book, Your Erroneous Zones, and has gone on to write many other self-help classics, including Meditations for Manifesting, Staying on the Path, Your Sacred Self, Everyday Wisdom, and You’ll See It When You Believe It.

Despite his childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, Dr. Dyer, who has a doctorate in counseling psychotherapy, has overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true. Today he spends much of his time showing others how to do the same. His latest Hay House titles include: Wisdom of the Masters, Creating Your World the Way You Really Want It to Be (with Deepak Chopra), How to Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want, Inner Peace Cards, There Is a Spiritual Solution To Every Problem, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Ten Secret’s For Success and Inner Peace. and his new release, The Power of Intention.

In his latest special for public television, Dr. Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention, best-selling author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer offers a new definition of the concept of intention and explains how every individual can connect to his or her own infinite potential. With unique interpretations of the scientific and metaphysical philosophies of history’s greatest thinkers, Dr. Dyer has inspired countless people to enjoy richer, more spiritual lives.

Intention is generally viewed as a pit-bull kind of determination, propelling one to succeed at all costs by never giving up on an inner picture. In this view, an attitude that combines hard work with an indefatigable drive toward excellence is the way to succeed. However, intention is viewed very differently by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. In this powerful lecture, Wayne explores intention-not as something you do-but as an energy you’re a part of. Learn how to use the power of your intention to start co-creating your life right now!


Join New York Times bestselling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer as he presents a live three-hour lecture based on his latest book, The Power of Intention.

Dr. Dyer has gifted the Crust Busting listening audience 10 tickets to the Seattle event.

In this powerful lecture, Wayne explores intention — not as something you do — but as an energy you’re a part of. Learn how to use the power of your intention to start co-creating your life right now! You’ll discover how to the change the energy of your life, acquire abundance, and feel at peace in the world. You’ll also learn to merge your individual thoughts with the power of intention, thus setting into motion the manifestation of all your desires!

Dr. Pat will be giving away three tickets each week to the Seattle event beginning the week of April 6th right up to the day of the event April 23rd.


23 April 2004 Seattle, WA 7–10pm

25 April 2004 Chicago, IL 2–5pm

26 April 2004 St. Louis, MO 7–10pm

28 April 2004 San Francisco, CA 7–10pm

07 May 2004 New York, NY 7–10pm

10 May 2004 Raleigh/Durham, NC 7–10pm

30 August 2004 Los Angeles, CA 7–10pm

Tickets (US Cities Only): $ 30 (rear), $ 50 (middle), $ 75 (front). Hurry, spaces are limited!

For more information or to reserve your seat call Hay House toll free at 800-654-5126.

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