Louise Hay Affirmations #2

affirmations.cc Click: affirmations.cc Louise Hay renown worldwide as the author of the 1984 “You Can Heal Your Life” and is a founder of the self help movement. An incredible woman, who not only healed herself but sends a healing message of love and unlimited possibilities to the millions that are inspired by her message. Louise pioneered the field of using your creative abilities for self growth, personal development and healing. She is an icon of the New Age movement. For over 25 years she has been helping countless people by spreading the word about the power of affirmations. She is a visionary pioneer who is dedicated to creating a world where it is safe to love one another. The 50 odd affirmations in this video are taken from her original 1984 “You Can Heal Your Life” (my own personal copy is from 1991). Affirmations are words of truth that are spoken, written, or thought repeatedly. They are like little reminder notes to our inner-self, are always positive and harness the power of positive thinking on our journey of personal growth. Let go of the criticism habit and create a habit of celebrating who you are. Instead of giving yourself negative affirmations, give yourself positive affirmations. Develop a daily practise of focusing on the change you want to see in yourself. You can start by using the classic affirmation, “I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.” Here are the 50 odd affirmations that I used in the video above. They are taken from Louise Hay’s
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More affirmation information at www.mylawofattractiontips.com Louise Hay Affirmations for feeling safe – positive affirmations from Heal your Body. View these daily affirmations for 30 days to see your life improve. Music “House of Spirits” by Asher Quinn – Asha